Chat with ME!!!

Hey, lovelies!

So, I was thinking–scary thought, I know–that it might be fun to chat with y’all. What do you think? We can talk about cake, chocolate, dogs, what you  happen to be reading…

Oh, and Edge.

But I was also thinking, we could have a chat about the indie process. You get to ask questions–whatever you want–and I’ll answer them. My amazing assistant/CP will be there too, answering questions. AND!!! Since I like giving stuffs away, we’ll have doorprizes.

So–that’ll be Friday, Feb 8th, at 9.

And then, one for the book–fairy tales, and dystopia, and romance, woohoo! Also, with door prizes and non-spoilery. We’ll be having that one March 15th,  at 9.


Both will use the hashtag #EdgeoftheFalls  (actually, impromptu giveaways will as well. Which I will do when I’m bored. So yeah.)


So put these on your calanders, and if you want to send me questions before the chat, feel free to @ me on Twitter, or here! 🙂


(OH!! Edge is now an event on Facebook. Cool beans, right? Bring your friends! 🙂


Comments & Questions

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