A Page from Edge of the Falls

We got to 50 ads on Goodreads!!! So I’m posting a page from Edge of the Falls. So without further ado—pg 55! 🙂

The bridge is solely for Outsiders, Exiles. They make it dangerous to discourage the unwanted dredges of society.
But Berg has outsmarted them before, and we fall back on the oldest of his tricks. He wraps a thin chain around my waist, connecting me to him, and he clips the end to a sliding hook he attaches to the bridge itself. He glances at me, a silent question, and I force a smile, full of false confidence.
And then we step out onto nothing.
The whole bridge shudders with the sound of ice shattering echoing across the gorge. It groans, alarmingly, and then the metal adjusts, firm under our feet. It is always a nerve wrecking first step. Berg squeezes my hand, inching forward.
It’s over a mile across—our weathershield is already dripping with water, the rain streaking the outer surface, making it almost impossible to see.
I don’t speak, afraid of disturbing Berg’s careful concentration. He guides us with a determination I recognize, a fierce will to live. The minutes stretch as we work our way across the expanse, the lights of the City brightening before us. At one point I look back. The Keeper’s shack is a dim outline. I wonder for a split second if the ban-wolf is out there, watching me.
“Careful, Sabah,” Berg murmurs, and my attention snaps forward again. It’s the first thing he’s said to me since stepping onto the bridge.
I shuffle-step after him, clutching his waist as a particularly strong gust of wind rattles the bridge. It twists with the weather, and my feet slide, edging precariously toward the open nothingness.


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