Signed Copies

So. We’ve got just a few days before release and there are a few odds and ends to cover.



Edge of the Falls will be available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble for $3.99. Someone asked a few days ago and I realized I hadn’t ever said. So yeah.



Everyone has been hugely supportive, and I appreciate it so much. Like, you don’t even know. I want to send you all chocolate. There are a few things you can do to KEEP supporting and the first is to review on Amazon and It doesn’t have to be long and involved (and PLEASE no spoilers) but the reviews really do help. 🙂



I have gorgeous postcards (with one of my favorite line in the book) promo cards with contact info and oversized bookmarks, all with the lovely cover on the front. And I will send you one, signed, your choice! All I’m asking in return is for you to give the four others that I ALSO send to friends (preferably ones who read and haven’t heard about Edge.

Sound like something you’d like to do? Excellent!! Email me at 🙂



I will be at Writely Rejects on Tuesday with a massive big giveaway (ALL THE THINGS!!!) so stop by for a chance to win:

A gorgeous bracelet

E-copies of Edge of the Falls

Query/chapter critiques



Will be available this summer. I’m working on this, so please be patient with me! 🙂


These ARE available. They will be for sale directly from my website—Chantee will explain all the fun details when we get them up in the next few days. These will be priced a little higher than on Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Mostly because it will require extra formatting and that takes time and…yeah. So! Yay signed copies! 🙂




Comments & Questions

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