Neverland Lost Series


This is your next read. Or it should be anyway. Nazarea Andrews has taken a much loved classic and made it her own, in this modern day retelling of the boy who never grew up...” -Holly, Holly’s Hot Reads


All in all, the story flowed fantastically. It was well-written and paced wonderfully. As a girl in college myself, I can’t help but sympathize with all of Gwendy’s experiences. Oh, and just because the original story is an innocent fairy tale, definitely doesn’t mean that Girl Lost is. There’s plenty of steamy surprises in here...Although this was my first Nazarea Andrews book, it most definitely won’t be my last...” -Tricia, Romance Addict Book Blog



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“…Forever Found is a raw and emotional conclusion to this Peter Pan story. The emotion you read is both heart breaking and intense. Peter pushes Gwen to believe and at times it seems as though he is causing a madness to breed within her mind.” -Readingteeners

“Girl Lost was a beautiful story that stole my heart as well as my imagination, and Forever Found continued on this magical journey of love and hope. Andrews has taken a classic story of adventure and turned it into a splendid tale that I’m sure J.M. Barrie would be proud of, and honored by.

This story was in no way predictable, and I was constantly guessing at what would happen.” -Roxy Kade

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