The World Without End Series

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 The World Without End Series

What Readers are Saying:

“…THE WORLD WITHOUT A FUTURE was captivating, sexy, dark and entertaining and definitely one of my favourite NA’s to read this year.” -Danielle, What Danielle Did Next


Andrews is an amazingly talented author, who has created and exciting, fast-paced, action-packed thrill ride that kept me riveted all the way through. This story reminded me a bit of Julie Kagawa’s Blood of Eden Series, only the psycho-crazed vampires and Rabids were replaced with Infects/zombies and a weird bunch of cult members out for blood; but Andrews’s zombies are not your normal slow-moving, moaning variety – they’re fast, vicious and determined...” -Roxanne Kade



“…These books are so good and so totally engaging that I’m literally heartbroken & anxious having finished this installment knowing I’ll have to wait forever for the next. It’s high praise for the author to have created a work that evokes such a level of immersion in the story.” -Sarah Connor



“The writing continues to impress, and the author continues to keep you thoroughly drawn in-you don’t want to put the book down because you just HAVE to know what comes next. And just like the prior installments of this series, the story ends on a cliffhanger. And let me tell you-it’s a doozy! But DO NOT let this stop you from reading this series, otherwise you’re going to miss out on one hell of an awesome ride!” -Carra at Making It Happen Blog


“Gah, I am so obsessed with this series. Each book is either as amazing as the last, or even better, and this latest release is absolutely no exception. From start to finish I was on edge, my heart rate was accelerated, and there was just no point in even trying to work out what would happen next, because with these books, you never can guess. Nazarea likes to throw curveballs that have you sucking in your next breath as if your life depends on it.” -Holly’s Hot Reads

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